Although there is a lot of documentation about bringing new puppies into your home; bringing an adult dog into your home is an entirely different process.  The fact that our K9s are not only adult dogs but also highly trained bite-sport dogs adds to the complexity of this process.  Rushing the bonding process can do irreversible damage to the dog’s confidence in addition to creating a potentially dangerous scenario for you and your family.


Dogs are pack animals and no matter how much training the dog has undergone, instinctual “pack mentality” behaviors can surface. A dog’s instinctual need to know where it’s place is in the “pack” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This instinct is what will help your dog know when to fight and when to be submissive.  Dogs need a “ranking order” and a pack leader within their pack. When introduced to a new pack or family, a dog will need to re-establish it’s place in the pack.  If there are other dogs in the home; dog fights can stem from this deep rooted instinct.  Children are at exceptionally higher risk during this time due to their small size and underdeveloped strength. Because of these dangers; proper adjustment periods can’t be over emphasized.  The important thing to remember is that most dogs do not want to be the pack leader.  The first few weeks of your relationship with your new dog are pivotal.  The moment a dog meets you it starts to evaluate you as a leader. If you take control early, the dog will be less stressed and will adjust much easier to it’s new home and new leader.



Buying a dog trained in bite-sports isn’t like buying something off the shelf at a store. All dogs are not created equal. Every dog has a unique personality and a specific set of “triggers” so before you purchase a dog; we will ask lots of questions to gain a better understanding of what kind of environment and circumstances your dog will be subjected to once you take it home. We will try to guide you toward certain dogs that align with your specific setting and conditions. Picking your dog according to this criteria can be just as important as the training it receives to protect you.

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