DUX IS SOLD:  $77,000

Dux is a beautiful 3 year old male European German shepherd with a black on red coat.  He is curious by nature with a strong need to please.  Dux is extremely smart and well disciplined


Dux is a typical alpha-dog with an intimidating physical stature to boot.  He is mild tempered and gentle with children and other animals but very protective of his pack.  Dux is typically leery of strangers until his handler introduces him and lets him know that the new person is ok.  Afterward; he is no threat.  He would be great for both family protection or commercial security settings.  Dux is playful and he enjoys playing fetch and rope-tug games.


Dux is an IPO-3 certified protection dog with very sharp protection skills in addition to his  obedience training.  Dux’s size and stature are as much of a deterrent to an attacker as anything else. He is a large shepherd with bark that sounds like the roar of a lion! However;that doesn’t mean that someone won’t be foolish enough to test him.  Like all of our dogs; Dux is trained to alert you when he encounters a potential threat and attack on command. After Dux stops the attacker and his handler has called off the attack; he will also hold the attacker in his control by staying at full attention while aggressively barking only inches from the attacker until help arrives or the handler releases him from this task.

Alf has been raised and trained with love and positive reinforcement techniques. This approach in training methods cultivates a protection dog with an even temperament and warm disposition.

All of our dogs are search and rescue certified

** DUX IS SOLD:  $77,000


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  • Coat Black on Red
  • Age 3yo
  • Weight Approx 90lbs