** ARMOR IS FOR SALE:  $18,000

Armor is a sable male European German Shepherd.  Although Armor is still young, he is going to be a very big boy.  He is a product of exceptional German protection-dog breeding. Born April 20, 2015 , Armor has everything needed to produce a premium protection-dog. He has great internal drive and solid nerves. Once you’ve determined that these traits are present, the rest is about the specialized training he receives.


Armor is very sweet and he loves to play. He is great around children and he would make a great addition to the family.  Armor is well disciplined and obedient.


Armor is really in the middle of his protection training.  He receives daily training that develops the already existing personality traits into fearless protection-dog skills.  He receives daily bite-work and obedience training as he is being mentally conditioned for his coming role as a protection-dog. This training not only builds his skills and familiarity with commands, but it is also designed to ensure that Armor will perform his tasks with efficiency, in all conditions; under great pressure and in the face of resistance. His existing traits (good internal drive, solid nerves, high intelligence and the built-in desire to win) are only the first component to making a great protection dog. The psychological conditioning, the building of his confidence and the conditioning of his nerves is vital.  This ensures that he will perform without hesitation, in every setting and in every situation.

** ARMOR IS FOR SALE:  $18,000


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