KASA IS FOR SALE:  $18,000


Kasa is highly attentive and eager to please her handler.  She has a quiet nature so she doesn’t bark excessively out of excitement. If Kasa is alerting vocally; it means there is something that needs your attention. She has a calm and gentle demeanor with an alpha personality. Kasa will acclimate quickly to her human family but she will need to adjust a little more gradually to new dogs in the family. This is a great trait for a protection dog to have. Kasa is certified for home defense which means she is comfortable inside the home and being around children. She is very playful and loves to play tug-of-war, fetch and she loves the water.


She is an IPO-1 certified protection dog with extraordinary protection skills in addition to her obedience skills. Kasa will alert you when she senses trouble or a potential threat and place herself between you and the threat. She will only attack on command from her handler and only her handler can call her off.  Once the attacker has been stopped and her handler has called off her attack; Kasa will also stay at full attention while aggressively barking only inches from the attacker in order to keep control of the attacker until help arrives.

She has been raised and trained with love and positive reinforcement techniques. This approach to training cultivates a dog with an even temperament and warm disposition.

All of our dogs are search and rescue certified

** KASA IS FOR SALE:  $18,000


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  • Coat Sable
  • Age 3yo
  • Weight Approximately 80lbs
Special Training
  • Control Commands - Sit, Stay, Heel, Lay Down, Alert
  • Search & Rescue - Tracking
  • Protection - Home Defense Certified
  • IPO-2 Certified