Clooney is a male European German shepherd with a beautiful sable coat.  Clooney was born January 14, 2016 and has an incredibly strong drive. He demonstrates great intelligence and he has a high level of focus coupled with a desire to please his handler. Clooney has all of the intangibles and possess all the qualities that make a great protection dog.  Clooney shows an extremely high desire to defeat his target. With all of these fundamental genetic traits, it’s no surprise that he loves doing bite-work and protection training and it’s no surprise that he excels at it; but what is surprising is his obedience skills. Typically, dogs that have a high drive are not always the easiest dogs to control, especially during the bite, but Clooney shows great response to commands even when under the stress of bite-work.  All of the early indicators lead us to feel like Clooney will be one of the best protection dogs we’ve ever produced.



Clooney has a great personality.  He is a young male and he has the typical energy and curiosity that you’d expect to find in a dog his age. He is great around small children and is very playful and will make a great indoor dog.


Clooney receives daily protection dog training and he is a level 1certification protection dog. Clooney has a high drive to win and defeat his target coupled with attentive and responsive obedience skills. He bites deep and refuses to surrender even when facing physical resistance.

Clooney has been raised and trained with love and positive reinforcement techniques. This approach in training methods cultivates a protection dog with an even temperament and warm disposition. A dog that is eager to work and please his handler.







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