Gunni is a gorgeous 4 year old male European German shepherd with a black and tan sable coat.  He has a friendly playful personality with a ton of confidence. Gunni is both smart and well disciplined.


Gunni has a playful personality in the home and around the kids. He likes to play fetch and he can’t get enough of the water. He loves to swim.  His intelligence is only rivaled by his focus and attention span so he learns quickly. He is a great dog for family protection.


Gunni is a stout shepherd with a very intimidating presence and a love for his working tasks like bite work and obedience. He is rated as an IPO-3 protection dog certification.  One of the most impressive things about Gunni that sets him apart from our other dogs is the fact that he has had about 3 weeks of bomb sniffing training and stadium work!.  Like all of our dogs; Gunni is trained to alert you when he encounters a potential threat and he will only attack on command. He’s also been trained to go through car windows and fight in close quarters.

Gunni has been raised and trained with love and positive reinforcement techniques. This approach in training methods cultivates a protection dog with an even temperament, warm disposition and an eagerness to please.

All of our dogs are search and rescue certified.



** GUNNI IS FOR SALE:  $23,000

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