Jack is a gorgeous 1 year old male European German shepherd with a solid black coat.  (Brother and same litter as Vino)  Although Jack is still a pup (about 80% finished), he demonstrates great intelligence and focus with a tremendous drive to please and win every task he’s given.


Jack has a personality that is friendly and curious, but he is naturally leery and slow to warm up to strangers.  He’s not easily intimidated by new people. Characteristically; Jack will lock eyes with you and peer into your soul as he sizes you up on the first meeting.  We believe these are great signs of intelligence and confidence in this young dog and his bite work is reaffirmation of it.


Jack is an intimidating presence in both visual appearance and calculating personality. He has an IPO-1 protection dog certification.  Jacks size and speed are only surpassed by his drive to defeat his target. His bite work is some of the best we’ve ever seen in a young pup.  He hits the target with tons of force biting deep and hard with no intention of letting go.  Once his training is complete, Jack will be one of the best dogs we’ve produced.

Jack has been raised and trained with love and positive reinforcement techniques. This approach in training methods cultivates a protection dog with an even temperament and warm disposition that is eager to work and please their handler.

All of our dogs are search and rescue certified.




** JACK IS FOR SALE:  $15,000

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