German Shepherd, Female, 2015


Call for exact pricing.  Jolla’s price will increase over time as her training comes along. 



Jolla is a beautiful sable shepherd of premium German breeding.  She’s a good spirited dog with a kind nature and a high motor and this “high drive” trait is fundamental in protection dogs. She is eager to please and eager to bond with her handler making her very easy to train.  Those qualities also usually translate into a dog that will be extremely devoted and protective over her family.




Jolla is young (Born October 2015) and just beginning her training regiments. Jolla receives instructions using regular obedience commands consistent with schutzhund or IPO dogs, but in addition to that, she has begun her bite-work exercises and shows great potential for being a protection dog. She instinctually bites deep and has a ton of fight inside her.  Although she is unfinished and sometimes can be easily distracted (as most puppies are), she is a very “quick study” and she is easily motivated.  Jolla is responsive to her training and her ability to retain what she is learning is second to none.  She has every trait, every instinct and every physical attribute necessary to be an elite protection dog.



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