** LAKY IS FOR SALE:  $17,000

DOB 3/14/14 Laky is a young handsome male that holds an IPO2 title.  Laky is fierce in his protection but so soft and lovable. He is very calm with great obedience.  Loves children and other animals.  Laky has a strong drive and a desire to please his handler.

He will make an excellent protection dog as he is highly attentive and intelligent.  He shows incredible ability throughout all categories.  He has a strong and deep bite and is incessant with his takedowns.

Laky has been raised and trained with love and positive reinforcement techniques. He is a beautiful German Shepherd from top German bloodlines.  This approach in training deems him as an excellent protection dog with a balanced temperament.



** LAKY IS FOR SALE:  $17,000

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