LITTER FROM Kasa von der Knappenmühle & Günni vom Zapfenpflücker

GERMAN SHEPHERD, Champion Puppies on their way!, 2017

Litter from Kasa & Gunni AI’d on January 26th 2017 will confirm being bred in 30 days from the 26th.

Every Rising S dog has either Schutzhund or IPO certifications guaranteeing the core building blocks for a good family protection dog, drive, focus, and good nerves.  Every Rising S puppy comes from the very best stock and the highest quality genetics.

Trained Protection Dogs For Sale

THE DAMKasa is our fearless 3 year old European female who has a very strong bond with her handler.  She is also a IPO-2 certified protection dog with excellent obedience skills.  Kasa is quiet in nature and has a calm and gentle demeanor to her.  Being certified in home protection means she is used to being inside and around children as well.    

Trained Protection Dogs For Sale

THE SIREGunni is an amazing 4 year old European German Shepherd.  He is very playful, but exudes confidence.  He is rated as an IPO-3 in protection certification and has a very intimidating presence to him.  Not only is he a great protector, but he also has 3 weeks of bomb sniffing and stadium training under his belt.  He is extremely intelligent with focus and an excellent attention span.  He is a stout GSD with a love for work and great for family protection.

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