German Shepherd, Female, 2017


** RIWA IS FOR SALE: $32,000

Born 09/22/2017

Riwa is a sable European line German Shepherd imported from Germany.  She is the top female at our facility. Riwa is fierce, confident and strong in her bite. She is highly driven and eager to please her handler. When she is in protection mode, Riwa hits her target hard and unforgiving. Riwa will alert on command or when she senses danger. She is extremely attentive with a high energy level and during obedience, Riwa is so quick and focused.

Riwa loves to play fetch and tug-the-rope games making her such an enjoyable canine to have. She may be slightly smaller in stature than some of our other dogs but don’t let that fool you. Her bite work is ferocious and she charges hard. Once the attacker has been stopped and her handler has called off her attack she will hold a bark until help arrives or she has been released from her task. Riwa would make any family or individual a great protection dog.

** RIWA IS FOR SALE: $32,000