** SKIBBY IS SOLD:  $48,500

Skibby is a gorgeous 2 1/2 year old female European German shepherd with a black on tan coat.  She extremely smart and well disciplined


Skibby is extremely attentive with a high energy level.  She loves working in any capacity; whether it be play or protection.  She would be great for both family protection or commercial security.   She is well tempered with a strong desire to please and she adjusts quickly to people, pets, new environments and new tasks.  Skibby loves to play fetch and tug-the-rope games and she is great around children.


Skibby is an IPO-1 certified protection dog with extremely sharp protection skills in addition to her obedience training. She will alert when danger is close but she will only attack on the command from her handler.  Skibby may be slightly smaller in stature than many of our other dogs,but don’t let that fool you; her bite work is ferocious and she charges like a bull! Once the attacker has been stopped and her handler has called off her attack; Skibby will also hold the attacker in her control by staying at full attention while aggressively barking only inches from the attacker until help arrives or the handler releases her from this task.

When Skibby isn’t charging down threats; she is gentle in her demeanor.  Skibby is home-protection certified, so she will also do great inside a family home with small children.  She is a fearless protector of her pack and seems to take great pride in doing her tasks well.

Just like all Rising S K9s; Skibby has been raised and trained with love and positive reinforcement techniques. This approach in training methods cultivates a protection dog with an even temperament and warm disposition.

All of our dogs are search and rescue certified



** SKIBBY IS SOLD:  $48,500

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  • Coat Black on Tan
  • Age 3yo
  • Weight Approx 70lbs
  • Control Commands - Sit, Stay, Heel, Lay Down, Alert
  • Search & Rescue - Tracking
  • Protection - Home Defense Certified
  • IPO-1 Certified