Soldier Puppies


Soldiers aren’t receiving the kind of support that we believe they should be met with after returning from war. We wanted to do something to give back and show our gratitude for the sacrifice they’ve made, so we’ve decided to donate 51% of the proceeds from the sale of our “Soldier Puppies” to benefit disabled veterans.  We considered making a donation to one of the larger veteran charities, but with many of these large operations like the Wounded Warrior Project coming under fire lately for irresponsible spending and misappropriation of funds… we felt great trepidation in blindly donating to one of these organizations. That’s why we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands to ensure that every dollar donated through this promotion goes directly to a disabled veteran.  Rising S K9 will donate 51% of the proceeds from the sale of our “Soldier Shepherds” to hand-selected disabled veterans. This guarantees that the money goes toward actually helping our veterans and not towards bank-rolling some corporate dinner.  ** If you would like to make a recommendation of a worthy veteran for consideration please contact us by email and we will have a representative call you.


We have a very special stock of young German shepherds that we call “Soldier Pups” that we received through a select breeder associated with the Wounded Warrior Project. These dogs are 4 months old and from the same litter, AKC registered, current on all their vaccinations and of quality German breeding.

These shepherds have great breeding ensuring that they possess the fundamental drives needed for protection training. These are characteristics that can’t be taught. They exist deep within a dog’s psyche and personality. Drives like the “prey” drive (the desire to chase a target based on visual cues) and the “fight” drive (the desire to defeat it’s prey).

If you’ve been considering purchasing a German shepherd for protection training, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.  These beautiful dogs are not only a great dogs for training but they are also priced extremely low so they are a steal by any measure!


The approximate market value for these shepherds is $2600 each. However, due to the unique circumstances by which we received these dogs, we can offer any dog in this litter for only $1200! Discounts are available on training packages with the purchase of a Soldier Shepherd.

Soldier Shepherds

Soldier Shepherds

Soldier Shepherds

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